Tuesday Report

Woke up early at 6:30am. Exercised briefly, meditated briefly and put on a nice bit of make up and perfume. I grabbed a free apple and breadroll off the buffet breakfast at uni for lunch.

I went to my Anthro tute which was interesting and it’s a good group. After, I did heaps of readings and I felt like I’m getting my motivation back. I then met a friend for lunch where we caught up. Adrienne and I don’t get to see eachother much but we are just able to talk so easily even though we have vastly different interests. Recently, I had offered to buy her tickets for the ballet for here birthday. I offered her two choices but then she went and chose another cheaper version. This made me think that I had made her uncomfortable with the money I was spending. But I brought it up today and it wasn’t tense or awkward at all.

It was after this lunch, that I saw a post from my potential crush interest saying he would like to get lunch with anyone. I messaged saying I was available but went onto to do more readings. Throughout the readings, I was self-conscious that I had made a wrong move. As I went my last lecture of the day, he replied saying that he was with a school friend and was really sorry he couldn’t make it. Mmmm, idk I feel like I need stronger signals that he’s interested too.

Anyway, my last lecture was pretty engaging and I was able to sit between two friends (they didn’t know eachother, it was just coincidence). It was talking to them that I found out that the submission time for the assignment was 9am not 4pm on Monday. This was because of clashing times on two different documents. Ah well, I washed my hands of it and I felt like I did a good enough job of such a hateful and obscure assignment. Also, since I had only eaten a bit of yoghurt and a breadroll, my stomach started rumbling really loudly and embarassingly in this lecture.

At my tutorial next, we talked about Democracy and Republicanism. The tutor split us up into groups and I enjoyed a really good discussion about the flaws and weaknesses of democracy. It evolved into a discussion about how the powerful control the majority, the role of the media and curbing free speech. At times I thought I spoke too much but I felt like I had to lead the group since the tutor was elsewhere. Indeed, at the end of the tutorial, the tutor asked me how she should lead the discussion (wow).

I went to Debating then. After being hungry all day, I got a pizza. I managed to talk to some people but not really to the guy I wanted to talk too. Like I don’t try really hard because a) I don’t want to be clingy and b) I understand that we both probably want to talk to different people. At times though I did feel bored and alone. The topic was that students should be segregated according to level of achievement. My partner and I were Opening Opposition. We came third.

Much tired. Very yawn on bus home. So wait for Dad in cold at bus stop.

britishparliamentary nogifs longday

Catch-up Reports because I was lazy

Just procrastinated doing uni assignments that day. I ended up doing 1500 words of a very bad draft. The assignment was hard because it wanted you to argue and summarize a 3000 word reading. There was nothing you could compare it with really.
Did absolutely nothing today except procrastinate and watch action movies.
Did some work and then left for a party. It was really fun. I got tipsy early on (probably the most drunk of my friends). It was nice just to chill and sit around with friends and eat M&Ms. I tried my first jelly shot (tequila tastes like regret). A couple of friends and I had to leave early so that we could drive down to the Gold Coast. It was absolutely pouring cats and dogs. I have never driven in such heavy, consistent rain. It was frightening really. But we talked about the best storm experiences we’ve ever had and our fears and other deep stuff. But it was a relief when I was able to put my head on a pillow.
Spent the day facilitating a high school debating competition. I was really tired in the morning but eventually woke up. The kids were good (better than Toowoomba) but that was because a lot of them had more experience debating. After competition, I returned to Brisbane and stayed a while at uni so I would arrive too late at home to go to Church with Mum.
Woke up early and went to uni. Spent the day, restructuring, writing and submitting my assignment. Then I did a couple readings. Didn’t eat much at all since I want to lose some weight for a party on Saturday.

minorlossofmotivation stilltired